Refrigerant Storage & Recovery Units

Minimize Downtime With The Fastest Refrigerant Recovery Rates In The Industry

When your chiller or cooling system is down for service, either scheduled or emergency, you need a fast-working Refrigerant Storage & Recovery (RSR) system you can depend on every time. That’s why companies across the nation rely on us to provide the right solution.We are proud to be the sole provider of YORK® brand RSR’s and continue to manufacture these products to the same standards customers have come to trust.

Special options are available, including tank sizing to meet your needs, vertical tanks, external liquid level gauges, customer specified connection sizes, rupture disks, and Canadian Registration Numbers. For pricing and availability, call (800)-537-9675 or e-mail us at

Our YORK EasyTank Recovery Receivers are ideal for use with YORK RecoveryPak portable recovery and recycling units. Inlet and outlet valves allow for quick and easy transfer of refrigerant, and they include a pressure gauge, sight glasses, relief valves, a float cut-off switch, heaters, and wheels. All of our units are ASME certified and make for a convenient, portable, and cost-effective refrigerant storage unit.

YORK Portable RecoveryPaks are self-contained and compact refrigerant recovery units that are ideal for use in commercial and industrial applications. Tailored for convenient use in the field, RecoveryPak systems are easy to move and are capable of quickly evacuating chillers. Units contain a refrigerant compressor (high pressure), oil separator & heater, water-cooled condenser, filter, gauges, and refrigerant valves and hoses.

YORK Refrigerant Storage and Recycling systems are self-contained and portable units suitable for commercial and industrial service applications. These systems are capable of quickly and efficiently evacuating chillers, making them the ideal unit for field service technicians. Units contain a refrigerant compressor, oil separator, storage receiver, heater, water-cooled condenser, filter drier, and refrigerant valves and hoses.

The YORK Portable PressurePak unit is a convenient and mobile chiller pressurization tool that’s designed to go from a service truck to a chiller room with minimal effort needed. The unit is capable of pressurizing a chiller to 5 pounds PSIG for refrigerant leak testing and is mounted on a portable hand-truck assembly for ease of transportation. YORK PressurePaks include all necessary connectors, valves, a strainer, and a water pump.