Indirect Fired Portable Heaters

Tioga’s Indirect Fired Portable Self-Contained Air Heaters offer significant versatility providing heat and power to remote work sites or where fuel and power are a challenge. Our portable, trailer mounted heaters include an on-board generator and fuel tank to run unattended for over 24 hours. Tioga’s IDF-SCOs are the industry’s most reliable, robust, and versatile heater offering position flexibility and easy relocation throughout a job site. Burners operate using diesel oil from the on-board fuel tank.

With all units producing clean, moisture free warm air, these portable indirect heaters provide precise temperature control for various applications and different sized buildings or structures. With indirect fired heaters that use diesel fuel, our products provide maximum versatility and convenience for your upcoming needs.


Key Product Features

  • Oversized heat exchanger running the length of the unit to guarantee a 200°F temperature rise from 0°F ambient
  • Powerful backward incline blower to push air through ducting up to 200 feet
  • 100% Welded enclosure built on a sturdy frame to withstand the rigors of remote site, rugged environments
  • Heavy duty pintle hitch for trailering units
  • Temperature protection limits and multiple safety features
  • Secondary containment (on newer models)
  • 120 Volt outlet for additional power tool needs

Markets Served

When it comes to indirect fired heaters, there are numerous applications and markets that benefit from their use. From construction, mining, oil and gas, pipelines, refineries, and transportation facilities, to infrastructure, power generation, government, process industries, paint and coating, and everything in between, these units serve a useful purpose to clients nationwide. Indirect fired air heaters are the perfect match for curing concrete, to prevent frost and frigid working temperatures, to thaw frozen grounds or equipment, and to operate unattended in a safe manner.

Simple Set Up and Operation

Besides being extremely functional, our indirect fired air heaters are simple to operate. With a very quick set up time, to highly mobile and portable designs, these heavy-duty, indirect air heater units make implementation easy for all. And best of all, they can provide lasting dependability for both short and long term needs.

Advantages of an Indirect Fired Heater vs. a Direct Fired Heater

Indirect fired heaters offer a number of advantages over their direct fired alternatives. First, the air emitted from the indirect fired method is 100 percent clean and dry. Because the hot air is delivered via ductwork, you can heat up different areas, including tightly sealed tents or rooms, without worrying about carbon dioxide risks. Built-in thermostats also allow for precision temperature control and the heater will re-circulate air, saving fuel costs.

Skid Mounted and Trailer Mounted Heaters

Tioga Air Heaters provides indirect fired heaters in both skid mounted and trailer mounted options, giving clients options for various applications. Our portable, trailer mounted heaters can run unattended for 24 hours and include an on-board generator and fuel tank. The skid mounted heaters include high efficiency burners using natural gas, vapor propane, or diesel fuel.

With over 55 years of experience, Tioga Air Heaters has the knowledge and solutions to provide safe and reliable indirect fired portable heaters for your application. Our design and manufacturing capabilities, paired with our knowledgeable team, are sure to meet your unique demands. With indirect fired heaters operating in rugged industrial applications and extreme environments, our equipment is built for the toughest jobs. Give us a call today at (800) 218-4642 to discuss our temporary or permanent heating solutions.