Direct Fired Concealed Flame Heaters

Tioga’s direct fired concealed flame heaters, or Super-Secret Flame heaters, provide high-quality heating for all of your largest heating needs. This technology addresses some of the most common heating issues and supplies a reliable solution. Concealed flame heaters can be implemented from outside of the building, creating a safer environment and eliminating wasted space. They can also eliminate the need for dehumidifiers, reducing the time it takes for concrete or other surface drying and helping to regulate fuel costs.

Ongoing construction near a heater with an open flame can be dangerous. With our direct fired concealed flame units, the flame within is shielded from environmental factors and you and your workers will be shielded from it, making the unit as safe as possible. Programmable controls and tamper-proof sensors lock out unauthorized users and prevent accidental adjustments. High pressure fuel hoses accompany the concealed flame heater to supply fuel with a decreased risk of leakage and decreased by-product buildup in the air supply.